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Call for Applications and Nominations: Editor of Central European History

The Central European History Society, an affiliate of the American Historical Association, seeks applications and nominations of outstanding scholars for the position of Editor for the journal Central European History, North America’s leading venue for scholarship on Central Europe’s complex and diverse history, published by Cambridge University Press. The new Editor will serve a five-year term beginning June 30, 2024, and with an initial period of shadowing the outgoing Editor in Spring 2024.  

Applicants should be members of the Society residing in North America and accomplished historians of German-speaking Central Europe and/or the Habsburg realm and successor states. They must have the intellectual range to work with manuscripts from different periods and regions that use a wide array of methods and approaches. The institutional support required for the position and the support package provided by CEHS are subject to discussion. The Central European History Society and Cambridge University Press expect to provide funds to buy the Editor out of some teaching responsibilities and to secure copy-editing support. Applicants are encouraged to investigate the possibility of support from their home institutions as part of preparing an application. 

The Editor’s responsibilities include soliciting and vetting manuscripts, guiding manuscripts through the peer-review and editorial processes, and working with Cambridge University Press as the journal’s publisher. The Editor furthermore maintains collaborative relations with the Society’s Executive Director, its Executive Board, and the journal’s Board of Editors, whose members are appointed by the Editor. Under the terms of the Society’s By-Laws, the Editor is ex officio a member of the Executive Board. The Editor must attend the CEHS Board meeting at the annual meeting of the American Historical Association every January, and normally at least one other professional conference to facilitate solicitation of manuscripts (e.g., GSA, ASEEES). The Editor will also call a yearly Board of Editors meeting. When necessary, the Editor is responsible for appointing an Associate Editor for book reviews. Moreover, the chosen Editor and the CEHS Board may explore the possibility of adopting a co- or joint-editor arrangement going forward in order to share the workload and broaden the geographic, chronological, and/or thematic expertise. Production management and subscriptions are the responsibility of Cambridge University Press. 

Applicants who advance beyond the initial stage of the selection process will be asked to interview on Zoom with the Editor Search Committee. That committee will make a recommendation to the Executive Board, which aspires to appoint a new editor by January 2024 to allow a six-month transition to the Editor’s five-year term beginning June 30, 2024.

Interested scholars should send an electronic version of their current curriculum vitae as well as a statement that discusses what they wish to accomplish as Editor of the journal and how they aim to accomplish it. This statement should also include a preliminary sketch of institutional support. These materials should be sent by August 15, 2023 to Dr. Brian Vick (, the chair of the search committee. Inquiries about the position should be directed to the same email address.  Scholars who wish to nominate other scholars for the position should direct their nominations to Dr. Vick, together with a statement as to whether the nominee has been approached by the nominator. The materials will be vetted by the Editor Search Committee, consisting of Brian Vick (Emory University), Winson Chu (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), and Caitlin Murdock (California State University, Long Beach), before being shared with the members of the CEHS Board.