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About CEHS

Welcome to the webpage of the Central European History Society (CEHS).

CEHS is as an affiliated society of the American Historical Association (AHA). CEHS was founded in 1958 as a successor to the AHA Committee for the Study of War Documents. Until 2012, CEHS was known as the Conference Group on Central European History (CGCEH). CEHS is a non-profit organization that focuses exclusively on educational, charitable, and academic purposes.

CEHS aims to promote scholarly engagement with Central Europe’s diverse and deeply layered history. As a geographic space with historically shifting borders, Central Europe encompasses the historic states and regions inhabited by German-speaking peoples and their various neighbors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Habsburg lands, and East Central Europe more generally. The term also includes the experiences and activities of Central European peoples in other nations and world regions, as well as the influences of the latter in Central Europe. The Society is dedicated to collaborating with academic researchers worldwide who share a scholarly interest in the history of Central Europe and its inhabitants. Committed to the material and intellectual support of emerging scholars, the Society advocates not only a more diverse community of scholars but also invites innovative research that broadens scholarly inquiry.

The Society supports the study of Central European history in the following ways: 

Contact information

Please address all queries regarding CEHS to the Executive Director, Anthony Steinhoff, preferably by email to:

For legal purposes, CEHS’s official address is: c/o History Department, Emory University, 221 Bowden Hall, 561 S. Kilgo Circle NE, Atlanta, GA, 30322.