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CEH Cover, Vol. 53 No. 3
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Central European History is the premier scholarly journal dedicated to central Europe’s complex and diverse history. CEH publishes work related to German-speaking and German-identified peoples, as well as work on non-German speakers in the historic states and regions of central Europe, including the Habsburg lands, Austria, and Switzerland. Established in 1968, it features original research articles, essays, forums, and reviews of recent works in the field. Spanning the medieval to the modern period, CEH offers a space for creative approaches to understanding the region’s past, while continually reassessing its conceptual and geographic boundaries and their representations. The journal welcomes submissions that expand and de-territorialize the region’s historic frames of reference, taking identity, language, and space—and the complex links and ruptures among them—seriously. CEH perennially engages anew the old question, “what and where is central Europe?”

CEH is published quarterly under the direction of editor Monica Black, associate editor Mirna Zakić, and the editorial board.