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American Historical Association (AHA) Conference

Panel Sponsorship

As an affiliated society of the AHA, CEHS traditionally sponsors a variety of panels on German and Central European History at the AHA Annual Meeting, where CEHS also holds its statutory business meeting. CEHS both solo-sponsors and co-sponsors panels at the AHA meeting.

Co-sponsorship is for those panels that have been accepted by the AHA Program Committee. These panels are forwarded by the AHA, and CEHS will reach out to panels that it wishes to co-sponsor.

Solo-sponsorship is for panels that have not been placed on the official program by the AHA, but which the Conference Group feels are of a level of scholarly interest and quality to merit a place on the program as a “solo-sponsored” panel of an affiliate society such as CEHS. Panelists will apply to CEHS for solo-sponsorship, and submissions will be evaluated by the Executive Committee of CEHS. CEHS expects panels submitted for sponsorship to demonstrate gender diversity.

Submissions for solo-sponsorship at the 2023 AHA Convention in Philadelphia are due by May 31, 2022. Please email all of your conference proposal materials (session abstract, etc.) to Anthony Steinhoff.

Initiative to Support Junior Scholars at the AHA Annual Meeting

Starting in the fall of 2022, CEHS is running an initiative to assist junior scholars’ participation in the AHA/CEHS annual meeting by offering financial and organizational support for up to 2 panel sessions (where junior scholars are the presenters). The first set of supported sessions will take place at the 2024 meeting in Philadelphia. For further information on the initiative and details on the application process, click here.


CEHS traditionally hosts an open reception for members of the field and their guests. The reception typically takes place after the annual meeting of CEHS during the AHA conference.