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Congratulations to the following scholars who have been named recipients of CEHS’ research grants for 2022:

  • Jordyn Bailey (University of New Brunswick)– Intimate Exercises: Female Sexuality and the East German Secret Police
  • Laura Cremer (University of Chicago) – Heralds of Health: Selling Wellness, From Central Europe to the United States, 1890-1950
  • Emily Eubanks (Florida State University) – The Music Salon of Karoline Pichler (1769–1842): Bürgerlich Music Culture in Biedermeier Vienna
  • Johanna Folland (Harvard University) – Globalizing Socialist Health: Africa, East Germany, and the AIDS Crisis
  • Ezra Gerard (University of Wisconsin-Madison) – Gender and Sexuality in Modern Europe, Modern Germany, Transgender History and Queer Theory
  • Matthew Hershey (University of Michigan) – Inclination Toward Death: Suicide and Sacrifice in First World War Germany
  • Sarah Jacobson (Michigan State University) – Southern Italian Migrants and Housing Activism in Italy and West Germany during the Long 1970s
  • Kate Kelley (CUNY) – How Cinderella became a Communist: The Politics of Classical Ballet in East Germany
  • Kate McGregor (University of New Brunswick) – “There is only one way to be pretty!” Racialized Beauty Norms in the Global German Empire, 1884-1939
  • Karolina Partyga (Columbia University) – Waste Recovery as a Measure of Progress: Economic Planning for a Wasteless Modernity in socialist East Central Europe, 1953-1983
  • Robert L. Powers (Louisiana State University) – Between Olympus and Golgotha: The Cultural Politics of Education and Humanism in the Weimar Republic
  • AJ Solovy (University of California-Berkeley) – National-Socialists after Hitler: An Experiential History of SS Members in the Postwar World, 1950-2010
  • Trevor Thomas (Vanderbilt University) – Anti-Republicanism, the Civil Service, and the Politics of Federalism in Germany, 1918-1933