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2023 Research Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the following scholars who have been named recipients of CEHS’ research grants for 2023:

  • Ruth Aardsma Benton (Western Michigan University) – Prostitution in East Germany: Examining Sex Work During the Era of Real-Existing Socialism
  • Miranda Brethour (City University of New York) – “Good Polish Citizens” or “Faithful German Servants”? Violence, the Village Elder, and Daily Life in Interwar and Occupied Poland, 1918-1956
  • Ludwig Decke (University of Wisconsin-Madison) – Antiracism after Hitler: Jews, the State, and the Fight against Racial Discrimination in Western Europe, 1945-1992
  • Philip Decker (Princeton University) – A History of Nazi-Soviet Cultural Relations, 1933-1941
  • Sara Friedman (University of California-Berkeley) – Through Cinema to Justice: Queer Film and Weimar’s Revolution
  • Eric Grube (Boston College) – An Intra-National Borderland: Regional Conflicts & Affinities Across the Austro-Bavarian Border, 1918-1955
  • Yooseong Heo (Duke University) – Rationalizing Socialism: Management, Information, and Technocracy in East Germany, 1953-1990
  • Alma Huselja (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) – Building a Fascist State: “Aryanization” in the Independent State of Croatia, 1941-1945
  • David Labastida Rodriguez (University of Toronto) – Empire of Nature: Prussian Botanical Travels to Brazil and Mexico Between 1815 and 1870
  • William Oaks (Florida State University) – Between Reich and Royaume: Sovereignty and Empire in Early Modern Alsace, 1648-1800
  • Allison Rodriguez (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) – “Silesia at the Crossroads”: Definitions and Determinations in the Upper Silesian Plebiscite Period
  • Jeffrey Saba (University of Tennnessee-Knoxville) – Soviet Military Spaces and Memory in East Germany: 1948-1994
  • Peter Thompson (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) – Trailing Blood: A Modern History of German Sport Hunting and Violence Across the Species Barrier